Is Your Business Stuck?

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Why Strategic Planning Doesn't Work?

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How Much Does Business-As-Usual Cost?

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Are You Really Different From Your Competitors

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Business Planning

Once I develop an initial assessment of your company, the next step is to determine where we want to go.

Strategic Roadmap

The Strategic Roadmap process is designed to develop the strategic direction you want to take your business over a defined period of time.

Talent Management

Jim Collins, in his famous book, Good to Great, said "First Who, Then What." He elaborated on the importance of having the right team in place before you develop strategy.


If your company is in a rut or if you'd just like to grow faster, I can help!

My name is Kenyon Blunt.

- Yes, there are a lot of people who offer similar services (helping businesses grow).
Why am I different?

1. I've walked in your shoes. As a former CEO and founder of several start-ups, I know first-hand the challenges you face.

2.I know which way to walk. I've devoted my career to being an expert in business growth and that's why I wrote the book Unstuck.

Why should you care?

  • Strategic planning has a positive effect on the performance of small businesses
  • There's a direct correlation between a formal planning process and a company's growth
  • As Peter Drucker said, most business owners need to spend more time "working on the business" and less time "working in the business."

if you want your company to grow and have more time to spend on the important things in life.

I may be able to help

Give me a call at 918-404-2556 and let's discuss it