Meet Kenyon


Kenyon Blunt is an expert in growing small and medium-sized businesses. He likes to say that he has walked in the shoes of the business owner; he has founded and grown several companies in his career. Kenyon works with business owners and entrepreneurs to get unstuck and he knows how tough this can be especially with companies who have hit a bump in the road. In his last company, Kenyon led the turnaround of a struggling marketing services company. It was this experience and many before that showed him how businesses grow with core competencies he has labeled the Strategic 8: talent management, marketing, sales, operations, customer relationships, financial management, technology and innovation.

Past Accomplishments
Kenyon has a long career of building and running businesses.Some of the highlights of his career prior to forming his consulting firm are below;

  • CEO of a marketing services firm that grew and increased profitability as a result a significant upgrade in talent and a refocusing of its strategy around marketing technology Founder and president of a database marketing company that Kenyon grew and sold after 10 consecutive years of high profitability Investment banker for small and mid-sized businesses. Kenyon personally assisted in the sale of 21 small businesses.

Education & Affiliations

  • BA, University of Kansas
  • MBA, University of Kansas, concentration in Marketing
  • Certified Topgrading professional,
  • Advisory Board Member, University of Kansas, School of Business
  • Former Board Member, Grand Bank
  • Executive Sponsor Entrepreneurs Organization of Oklahoma