Strategic Roadmap


The Strategic Roadmap process is designed todevelop the strategic direction you want to take your business over a defined period of time. It is not intended to replace a full-scale strategic planning process but to help you identify the direction you need to go in the key areas of your business.

The Strategic Roadmap Process focuses on the Strategic 8 areas of any business.
Those areas include:

1. Management talent and depth
2. Marketing value proposition, sales interface, lead generation
3. Sales pipeline, sales management, sales processes
4. Operations core processes, lean process development
5. Customer Relationships customer segments, sandbox, profitability
6. Financials cash and cost strucuture
7. Technology systems and infrastructure
8. Innovation new ways to get your company Unstuck

Each area will be addressed in this process with the goal for you to create a one-page roadmap that you can review on a regular basis, to make sure you are on track to the results you want for your business.