Talent Management


Jim Collins, in his famous book, Good to Great, said First Who, Then What’s He elaborated on the importance of having the right team in place before you develop strategy. This is why talent development is a natural addition to my business strategy services. The importance of talent was driven home to me when I was CEO of a marketing services company that was in desperate need of a turnaround. We started the process by substantially improving the talent.

The best practice that I used for this turnaround was Topgrading. Topgrading is a process developed by Brad Smart for finding and keeping A-players. It was so successful in my own company that I became a certified Topgrading coach to help other businesses implement the process.

I have found that I can help implement Topgrading within small and medium-sized businesses by delivering the following services:

1. Conduct in-house or online Topgrading workshops to give your company a deep-dive in the Topgrading process.

2. Develop job scorecards create scorecards which are similar to job descriptions but with specific accountabilities and competencies.

3. Interview high-level management candidates I conduct tandem Topgrading interviews in conjunction with someone from your staff for higher level management positions.

If you have any questions on how Topgrading can be used to improve the talent level of your team, please give me a call at 918-404-2556. Or, download Brad Smart Topgrading 201, The High Cost of Mis-Hires.

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