Business growth expert, CEO, Entrepreneur and ” stick sharpener “

In order to deal with today’s changing landscape, we contracted with Kenyon Blunt to help us navigate the difficult times ahead. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results I have been a part of many strategic planning sessions in my 37-year career, and I can say that Kenyon and his Gazelles methodology is the best one I have experienced. I would recommend Kenyon and his approach to anyone who is concerned about their organization’s structure and its future in today’s changing world.
Richard Carrington,
President, American Southwest Mortgage Corporation

Your advice is most definitely going to change how I do business. Just like steering a ship, some of the changes you’ve recommended will take some time to realize. I know they’ll happen! Great Stuff.
Lori Malone,
CEO, Category-5

The one day workshop that Kenyon lead helped re-emphasize as a company who we are, why we do what we do and what we do. It also helped us understand how to keep these values in perspective, document them and to disseminate these values throughout the organization. Regular and clearer communication throughout the organization has already impacted our company on a positive note. I am confident that we will see additional improvements as more of the principles we embraced and committed to are implemented.
Max Mantooth,
CEO, Bronco Manufacturing, LLC

I liked the entire Scaling Up workshop. I learned how to drive great people to think bigger and to trust their teams even more. Kenyon gets it.
Dan Babcock,
CEO, Modern Marketing Inc.

Kenyon has helped me to focus on my business and see it from a fresh perspective. It’s surprising how sharing your business problems and visions with can give you new insights. Kenyon’s solid business advice helps clarify the road ahead. The monthly meetings have also served to motivate me to get things accomplished.
Terry Tidwell,
Owner/founder of Miracle Studios

The one day workshop with Kenyon easily ranks in my Top 10. Kenyon is not only very knowledgeable on Topgrading, but is certified on Gazelles as well. Mixing the two as needed really made the difference. We could start implementing results of the workshop right away and got enough to keep us busy for the next six to twelve months.
Lars Riehn, CEO,
InfoWAN, Munich, Germany

Our management staff has had experience with Kenyon Blunt in a number of different venues. Those experiences included our initial exposure with his serving as the guest speaker at a bank luncheon, a day long management seminar, monthly group meetings with other business owners and monthly one on one consultations at our place of business. All experiences were fruitful for our organization. I highly recommend Kenyon Blunt for any company looking for methods to improve their processes related to the focus areas of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.
Doug Gorman,
President, Home-Mart, Inc.

We recently attended your Four Decisions workshop in Tulsa, OK. It was well worth the group getting up early and driving 2 hours! Since we attended the workshop, we have been working on our ” one-page plan “ and have developed core values and a brand promise. We have Key Performance Indicators that we are sharing with our employees. We have actually begun sharing important financial information so that employees can see the ” health “ of the company. . . You have pointed us in the right direction. Your weekly reminders and monthly newsletters just remind us to stay focused and committed to our BHAG and that Cash is King!
M.J. Jerome,
Chief Operating Officer, Stroud Safety

EO Munich is a chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization. One of the biggest challenges for the entrepreneurs of Munich is to make the right hiring decisions and to retain the best talent. As the event chair of for EO Munich, I contacted Kenyon Blunt and invited him to speak in front of our chapter on how to best solve these challenges. . . Kenyon demonstrated with his passionate personality the tools of Topgrading within the workshop and received very positive ratings from our members. I would like to thank Kenyon personally for coming over to Germany and for teaching us what Topgrading is and how best to use it.
Jakob Keller,
Event Chair, EO Munich

I found Kenyon to be a steady leader, bringing focus, accountability and structure in a ” renegade “ organization. He has been able to stabilize and grow the business and it is now poised for growth. I highly recommend Kenyon for any organization that needs to turn the corner.
Kostas Peters,
CEO Parcus Associates

Kenyon is an exceptional executive and leader. He helped me effectively manage more people than I’ve ever managed before. I initially thought that his strategic planning exercises were a waste of time, but I was dead wrong. He helped everyone in the company define and then focus on a handful of major strategic goals. The key was in the way he helped translate these high-level goals into realistic low-level tasks that could be managed and tracked on a routine basis. Before we knew it, he had led the company from being on the brink of failure, to one that was thriving.
Another valuable set of skills he helped me achieve was in hiring and managing top performers through his Topgrading approach. His strategy streamlined our recruiting process, resulting in a superior pool of candidates. The rigorous interviewing and selection process he instituted paid great dividends by resulting in us hiring almost all A-Players. I’m grateful to Kenyon for helping me take my management skills to a much higher level.
Jerry Montgomery,
CEO, 5W Strategists

Smart, hungry and humble three words that I would use to describe Kenyon. He has a constant need for learning, making improvements and implementing ideas all for the betterment of himself and those around him. Kenyon is an active listener who truly understands how to motivate, mentor and coach individuals to reach their full potential. . . He is one of those rare individuals that you come across in your personal or professional life that truly makes an impact on making you a better person. I will forever be grateful for Kenyon and the opportunity to have worked with him.
Gidgett Ingalls,
HR Director, Caldwell Manufacturing

Kenyon is a one-man self-improvement machine, whipping himself into shape to run his first of many marathons. Kenyon is multifaceted because he remains a student of life, always reading, looking to discover what’s new and what’s next. I would consider him a ” stick-sharpener “, someone who challenges others to constantly seek personal improvement.
Barb Cote,
Vice President, Sigma Marketing Group